Sunday, April 27, 2014

Training April 21-27 - aka: Stop. Hammer Time

Training Week 9 of 36. (Week 3 of Iron Fit) Twenty-eight weeks until the race.

What this week's scheduled training looked like (April 21-27):

Total hours scheduled: 8:00

Total hours logged: 7:45

Total running miles this week/total: 15.4 / 122.91

Total biking miles this week/total: 49.3 / 340.98

Total swimming yards this week/total: 5000 / 50,000

Weight: 148 (no change from last week; down 2 lbs overall)

Level of IM enthusiasm: 7.5/10 - still feel pretty good.

Nutrition elements: I'm done with UCan. I know I said I would give it another 3-4 weeks, but I just couldn't do it. IM training is hard enough (mentally and physically) without doing it feeling like you're starving. I followed all the UCan instructions and in two "long" workouts this week (1:45 bike and a 1 hour swim followed by 45min run) and in both I was just miserable. I decided I'm not willing to give it any more time, and sold what I had left.

I really want to find what works for me. At the Sprintfield Sprint Tri they handed out some Hammer products in our race bags and I got a raspberry gel. Low and behold, when I tried the gel a few days later during a ride, I actually liked it (I am not a big gel person. The consistency usually creeps me out).

I really like the Hammer website and that they seem to understand what an IM athlete will want/need. Plus a lot of their stuff is non-GMO, organic, gluten free. Moreover, many of my friends (mostly runners) swear by their products. I ordered about $100 worth of different products and samples, so I'm hoping I'll find some combinations that work for me.

Other: Took part in the Richmond Tri Club Sprint Triathlon this weekend. I realized I've got to find some hills to train on before my Augusta Half IM in September. And transitions.... I have no idea why my brain just seems to shut off during transitions.

I've also started a 5-week swim technique class with a triathlon swim coach. I took a similar one last November, and learned so much. I'm a firm believer that technique makes you a much faster swimmer than just attempting to power through. And hopefully the class will keep me from feeling how I so often feel about swimming:


  1. Try E-GEL Have been on that for about 1 month. Great stuff and way better than Hammer or GU

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Jason. I will look into that too.

  2. Honey, try some Honey Stinger products! LOL! Sorry, just had to do that. Seriously, I've had really good luck with the Honey Stinger products. The gels are really sweet. Their chews are great! Their waffles are PERFECT for taking in solid food on a ride/run!

    I recommend that you get a gel flask for the bike/run. Here's my favorite bike flask holder: . You can just load your gels into that to make taking them SO much easier. If you find the consistency or sweetness to be an issue, dilute with a little sports drink and you're all set!

    Good luck with your training! Really enjoying your blog! Keep up the good work! See you at the Finish Line!

    1. Nice, Ron! Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried the Honey Stinger waffles and like them a great deal. I will also look into the flask you mentioned.