Friday, December 27, 2013

The Post Where Janie Becomes Intimately Acquainted With Shane West

December has been the month o' the bike for Geek. For all of December I tried to get on the bike for 10 miles every other day. Not really to improve my cycling fitness, but to get my butt accustomed to being on the bike.

A pain in my @ss -- figuratively and literally.

I bought my bike in November, immediately after registering for IMFL. I wanted to get it as soon as possible knowing the bike would be my nemesis. (Putting over a hundred miles on it this month has just reinforced that opinion).

I did a lot of research, got some experienced tri-ers to help me out, and decided to buy a road bike rather than a tri-bike. It was much less expensive, and since I plan to only do one Ironman I didn't want to put thousands of dollars in that one purchase.

So I ended up buying a carbon frame road bike. I outfitted it with aerobars, got clipless shoes & pedals, and a trainer (for riding indoors).  All for the bargain price of about $1700. (Actually that really is a bargain. Distance triathlons are not an inexpensive sport.)

So here's my bike:
Don't have my clip-on shoes, so no actual riding.

 What I like most about it is that it is so light I can lift it with one hand:

It really is amazingly light

But what does all of this have to do with Shane West?

In case you don't know (shame on you!), Shane West is a gorgeous actor, currently staring in the newest version of Nikita.  He's my writing muse -- the character I have in my head when I write my romantic suspense novels
Hottie Hot-Hot - Shane West
 I heart Shane West so much. 

And I've decided to name my bike Shane West. Because if I'm going to ride thousands of miles over the next 10 months, I'd like to be able to say really inappropriate things like:
I hopped on Shane West and took him for a nice ride today.
Shane West has made me sore in some pretty unmentionable places.
I spent three hours on Shane West this morning.
I'm already thrilled at the thought of it. Um, being able to say those things, not ride all those miles (about 3000miles are in my current training plan)

So here's to Shane West -- may we always be good to each other.

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Post with Week 4's Swim Homework

Week  4 Homework  12/3 – 12/10  
(Completed 2-3x before next week)
200 Easy swim – no equipment

Set #1  ( Core Rotation Drive- Hand Hip Connection)
4 x 50m 12 Kick Switch w/ fins:   main focus on powerful switch drive  RI: 10
200 m swim w/ fins focused on hand –hip connection
2 x 100m One Arm freestyle drill w/ hand paddle – no fins   RI: 15
200 m swim w/ fins focused on hand –hip connection

Set # 2 (Focus Set)  - Complete on 50 at a time – only moving on to the next 50 if you have been
successful in being mindful of assigned areas and feel that your performance in those areas was accurate.

 2 x 200m???  (complete the set twice IF you have not had to repeat too many 50’s during the first set)
1st 50m – Focus on Complete Rotation( Stretching into glide  & finish)
2nd 50m - Complete Rotation + Front Quadrant Timing
3rd 50m - Complete Rotation + Front Quadrant Timing + Hand/ Hip Connection
4th 50m - Complete Rotation + Front Quadrant Timing + Hand/ Hip Connection + Catch position accuracy

Set #3 
3 x 100m Build  by 25’s  RI: 15

Cool Down
100 Side Kick Drill – no fins
100 Easy Swim

Total: 2000m ???

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Post Where I Almost Had to Swim Naked

From Geek:
So today was week 4 of my 5-week swimming (stroke-improvement) clinic. I've really learned so much, it's pretty amazing.  I feel tremendously more prepared for my training swims and the eventual 2.4 mile IM swim because of taking these classes.

Today, though, was not my finest swim-class moment. My daughter missed the bus so I had to take her to school, which meant I had to get my swim stuff together and out of the house 20 minutes sooner than expected.

I know better, of course. GET YOUR STUFF READY THE NIGHT BEFORE when you have an early morning swim/run/workout planned. We all know that, but we never do it.

I was rushed. It was a triple-whammy. Having to take least-favorite daughter to school meant I was going to be late to the pool. But then I grabbed the wrong bag, so I ended up with NO swim cap and a pair of kids' goggles.

AND I grabbed what I thought was my black speedo swimsuit, but actually turned out to be my maternity bathing suit from 12 years ago.

So I arrive at the pool: in a bathing suit that resembled a hefty bag, no swim cap, and goggles meant for a small Asian child.

Late AND unprepared. One is bad enough. Both?...Sigh.  I was in tears before I left the changing room.

But, everybody pooled together (see what I did there?) to help me out. One swimmer gave me an extra
swim cap, another showed me how to get the goggles to the largest setting, and my swim coach offered me the bathing suit off her body (which I gratefully accept and we ran into the locker room and changed).

Ended up being a great class. So glad that I went, even though I was a little late and that I waddled out to the pool in all my ill-fitting stuff, prepared to just sit out and watch. Because everything worked out.

Not sure there's any moral to this story except maybe "don't have kids". But let's face it, that's moral for any story.