Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Post with Week 2's Swim Homework

Week  Homework 11/12  - 11/18

(Complete 2-3x before next week)

Reminder: Leave every wall in a stretched and tight streamline position.
250m Easy swim – focus on long exhale forcing bubbles toward the bottom of the pool.
100m Streamline Kick on Back w/ fins

Set #1  (Alignment & Tracking Focus)
2 x 50m  Side Kick Drill w/ fins - lead with the same arm for the whole 50, switching lead arms each 50.  RI: 15

100m  Easy swim  w/fins – focus on glide arm staying up while breathing

3 x 50m  12 Kick Switch w/fins – pay attention to tracking- don’t move head while arms are moving! RI: 15

150m Easy swim w/ fins focused on tracking and keeping head centered.

Set #2  (Tracking &Rotation Focus)
3 x 50m Double Touch  w/ finskeep recovery arm next to the body and pay attention to your switch timing.  RI: 15

200m Easy Swim w/ fins – focused on keeping the recovery arm next to – not on top of the torso.

3 x 50m Flow Drill w/ fins – Keep head centered, stretch and rotate. RI: 15

200m Easy Swim w/ fins – focused on stretch and pressing your rotation forward into the glide arm.

Set #3 (Rotation Focus)
3 x 100m   Swim w/ Pull buoy & Hand Paddles.  Work on keeping the bodyline long and stretched while rotating around a well-positioned and relaxed head.  Work the core as a unit focusing on the lower abdominal muscles.  RI: 20
Set #4
350 Easy Swim – Working on Breathing Pattern- Swim broken into 50 m thought segments:
     Odd numbered 50’s  - Breathe every 5 to 6 strokes – forced long exhale
     Even numbered 50’s- Breathe every 3 to 4 strokes.

Total: 2200 meters

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