Friday, November 8, 2013

The Post With Week 1's Swim Homework

Week 1 Swim Clinic homework: 11/5 – 11/11

(To be completed 2-3x before Week 2)

Reminder: Leave every wall in a stretched and tight streamline position.
200m Easy swim – focus on long exhale forcing bubbles toward the bottom of the pool.

Set #1  (Alignment Focus)
6 x 50m  Side Kick Drill w/ fins – lead with the same arm for the whole 50, switching lead arms each 50.  Rest Interval (RI): 20
100m  Easy swim regular swim w/fins

Set #2  (Rotation Focus)
4 x 100m   Use fins and hand paddles if you have them.  Take long slow strokes with a slight 
hesitation at the finish. Make sure your arm finished under the water by pressing water toward your feet and that your arm is next to not over your body at the finish.  Glide arm out front should be stretching forward keeping the hand in line but not on the same level as the shoulder.
 * When your finish arm hand reaches the mid-thigh point your torso should be well rotated- so that the shoulder on the finishing arm side is out of the water and the same side hip is close to the surface.   RI: 45

200m Easy swim – no fins – focus on keeping head still and rotating the body.

Set #3 (Rotation Focus)
4 x 100m   Swim w/ Pull buoy between thighs.  Work on keeping the bodyline long and stretched while rotating around a well-positioned and relaxed head.  Work the core as a unit focusing on the lower abdominal muscles.  RI: 30

Set #4
400 Easy Swim – Working on breathing every 3 to 4 strokes.  Long slow exhale- deep inhale; use pull buoy                  

Total: 2,000 meters

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